The #1 Peer Recognition Tool for growing your employee engagement.

RewardNation lets you set up a points-based system for team members to publicly recognise good work and reward each other.

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“Simple, public recognition is one of the most effective and most underutilised management tools.”

- Laszlo Bock, Former Google HR Chief.

Praise is Cheap. Praise + Rewards is Priceless.

Your team members can turn their recognition into rewards from 268+ brands across Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, The Philippines, India, Vietnam, and more.

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Praise and Reward Employees Public Recognition with RewardNation

Praise team members publicly

Recognition is published on a company-wide Slack channel, to make it more visible and impactful. Encourage the values that matter to your company.

Build stronger team culture with RewardNation

Build stronger teams throughout the company

Recognition shouldn't be limited to just during formal performance reviews.

  • Break the barrier of solely top-down communication
  • Let everyone recognise their peers, direct reports, and managers
Boost team engagement with RewardNation

Boost engagement with low effort

Give recognition easily from your Slack channel, with sentences shorter than a Tweet.

Employees do their best when recognised.

Make that happen everyday, easily.


of employees DO NOT feel engaged to their workplace

Employees work harder if better appreciated


of employees said they'll work harder if they feel better appreciated (Wow!)


revenue growth is seen in high-performing company culture

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Turn recognition into rewards

Let employees easily redeem their rewards for things they love, and love their work!

Let your team give each other recognition & rewards that actually matter.

Peer Recognition is your new secret weapon for building high-performing teams.

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