Let your team members engage each other with peer recognition & meaningful rewards.

One-time setup, lifetime team engagement. Results guaranteed.

Simple Concept That Actually Works

10 Points = $1

Boss decides how many points to allocate team members each month, for them to giveaway (eg. 100 Points, which means a $10 value)

Team members give points to recognise each other

Eg. I'll give Mohan 20 points to recognise his good work, and 40 points to Lena to thank her for helping me.

Turn points into rewards

Your team can shop for their favourite rewards on our platform and redeem them automatically - without any extra admin effort from you. Yay!

Public Reward Recognition RewardNation Employee Engagement Ideas

Recognition published for the entire team to see

"Praise in public, criticise in private."

All recognition are automatically published on the company's RewardNation Slackbot, to publicly recognise a job well done!

By the way, research shows that just by seeing others get recognition can make employees feel happier and more motivated in their own work. Even if they're not the ones receiving the praise. Legit.

RewardNation Employee Engagement Reward Gift Ideas

Redeem from 268 reward partners (and counting) across Asia

Our users' current favourite rewards:

Interns in Singapore love Starbucks, Gongcha, and more Gongcha.

Millennials in Indonesia love Zalora, Grab, Love, Bonito, and cash-outs.

Employees using Tinder love Holey Moley, Palm Avenue Float Club, Catfish (no pun intended) vouchers.

Employees with kids love vouchers from Klook, Tangs, HipVan, Cold Storage.

RewardNation Custom Rewards For Team Engagement

Add Custom Rewards (Coming soon!)

You can add your own custom rewards that's meaningful to your team. The coolest ones we've seen:

  • Local film festival tickets
  • Learning vouchers (To buy conference tickets or online courses)
  • Donations to support an employee running a charity race
  • "Sleep-in" day
  • Lunch with founder
  • Company swag

Growing happy teams need not be complicated and expensive.

We're all just humans who want to be recognised, rewarded, and feel valued.

RewardNation helps you do all that easily, everyday.