How a quick text got our investors excited and 10x our shareholder engagement

By Zelia Leong | Co-founder of RewardNation

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As a startup founder, you should not only focus on new fundraising, but also taking care of your existing investors - keeping them engaged and updated on your company, amongst the hundreds of others in their portfolio. Yet building connections and relationships are tough when physical meetings are restricted.

Emails and calls alone don’t cut it anymore

We’ve always sent monthly email updates to our shareholders, who are spread across 3 continents. But when you’ve not met for almost 2 years, an email with some bullet points feels impersonal and cold. We also do video calls to catch up and have discussions with our shareholders, and are fortunate to have so many smart and kind people to learn from. But these conversations are infrequent, happen only when we reach out for help, and mainly 1 to 1.

Which got me thinking:

How can we make the best out of this group of brilliant individuals, and keep all of them connected and engaged even remotely?

Creating instant engagement loops

Turns out, the solution was in our hands all along.

Although it's originally meant for remote teams, we created an account on RewardNation and invited our shareholders on it.

Instantly engage even the busiest investor

Anyone can send a recognition message instantly with just a quick text. Low effort, instant results.

We've also been using it to thank individuals for their help and contributions. It's the least we can do, and it makes everyone feel good too.

Be a founder that your investors enjoy supporting.

Keep your shareholders engaged and connected to your mission. Instant setup, long-term results.

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Everyone can see what other shareholders' been up to

With all recognition messages being published publicly, everyone is now connected on the platform with frequent and full visibility on company happenings, while not being spammed unnecessarily.