How to 2x your startup's remote team productivity during the gloomy lockdowns

Another day, another lockdown. Keeping team morale and motivation strong during this period is a challenge - especially when team members are disconnected from each other during WFH.

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RewardNation’s Remote Productivity Tool

A study by Glassdoor shows that employees are 81% more motivated to work harder when they feel recognised for their contributions. Individual performances are also 2x more likely to improve.

RewardNation’s Remote Productivity Tool lets team members and managers recognise each other easily - no matter where or how they work. Here’s how it helped top startups keep their remote teams and revenue growing:

Instant recognition for instant motivation

“Remote teams have very little face to face interactions. I had a list of things we need to change culturally, to facilitate a remote model. It's not easy to do it, as it requires people changing their work habits with different WFH challenges. Team bonding activities were fun but it kind of died out and people got tired of it, and also because it took real effort to do.” - Mohan Belani, CEO of e27

At e27, recognition used to be inconsistent and infrequent- mainly shown during quarterly town halls. With RewardNation, team members can give and receive recognition right away, with a quick message and convenient Slack integration.

This increases the impact of the recognition, as the team members feels immediately appreciated for their work and becomes more motivated to do better right away. Instead of only getting the appreciation at the end of the quarter.

The ease of recognising each other also means that the team can now celebrate even the small wins together, and continue motivating each other no matter where they work.

Reduce silos in remote engineering teams

Fintech startup Impact Credit Solutions is headquartered in Singapore while their tech team sits in Indonesia, and everyone is working remotely from home. Keeping the engineers engaged and motivated is a challenge, especially since they have never even met their colleagues nor managers in person.

"Rewardnation is a democratic recognition program that resonates with our tech team. It's been difficult to keep our teams in different countries engaged with each other and it's been a saviour in that regard. Our engineers love it and have a lot of fun with recognition and it gives me visibility on individual contributors. We've also seen an improvement in employee engagement from our internal surveys." - Jon Austin, CTO of Impact Credit Solutions

The public recognitions feed on RewardNation has allowed their team members to engage with each other even though they have never met their colleagues in person. Tech leaders also gets full visibility on individual contributors and projects, and uses it to build remote work culture.

Having recognitions publicly published increases the impact and frequency of recognition, and boosts morale throughout the organisation consistently.

Reward recognition beyond just words

Beyond just receiving praise, employees get to turn their recognition into micro-rewards. They can use points accumulated from their recognition, to redeem gift cards from their favourite brands. Rewarding remote employees is simplified with RewardNation - no matter which country they’re based in.

Employees around the world can pick rewards from categories such as transport, groceries, shopping, electronics, dining, and lifestyle. No more receiving another gift that doesn’t suit you.

With RewardNation, recognising each other becomes instinctive for team members in these fast-growing startups. This has been embedded into their company culture, towards creating impactful work together across Asia’s Tech ecosystem.

Keep your remote teams together with RewardNation