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  • What is RewardNation?

    RewardNation is a peer-to-peer recognition and rewards platform. Let your employees thank or praise each other publicly, and convert those recognition into fun rewards through an easy points-based system.

  • Why should I implement Peer Recognition?

    Traditional forms of recognition - 5/10/15 years-of-service awards, employee of the month - are not effective in the modern world. On the other hand, effective employee recognition can have a dramatic effect on employee motivation, productivity and retention.

    A research by Bersin & Associates identified the following criteria for effective employee recognition to take place:

    1. Recognise specific results and behaviours
    2. Focus on peer-to-peer recognition, not top-down
    3. Share recognition throughout the company
    4. Make recognition easy and frequent
    5. Tie recognition to company values & goals

    Simply put, RewardNation is the simplest, most effective peer-to-peer recognition platform you can have.

  • What ROI can I expect from RewardNation?

    Companies that use employee recognition platforms reports higher employee engagement and productivity.

    Individual employees report increased happiness and motivation. When employees are engaged, motivated, and happy at work, naturally there will be lower turnover rates.

    Companies typically spend more than twice the value of an annual salary to fill highly-skilled roles. By directly addressing the factors that contribute to turnover, we will be able to help support your bottom line.

  • Will my employees give recognition for the wrong reasons?

    Empowering your employees is giving them power to recognise each other. Here are some ways we have in place to ensure recognitions are genuine:

    • Transparent Feed

    Recognitions are viewable by all in the company, so employees tend to be thoughtful about what they write.

    • Monthly allowance

    Each employee only has a set amount of recognition points to give away each month. If they spend it too quickly, they will have to wait for the next month when their points refresh, in order to give recognition to a teammate later on. It's like a monthly salary - everyone gets a fixed amount, which gets deposited every month. Spend it quickly and you'll have to wait till the next month to get more.

    • Thoughtful launch

    We help you to onboard your employees so they know what to expect, and how to properly use the platform based on your organisation's culture and tone.

    • Admin to delete

    Admin has access to delete posts if it does not fit within the company's culture and values. The giver will get back the points they gave out and the recipient will be deducted of the awarded points.

  • How do I start using RewardNation?

    Anyone can Add RewardNation to their Slack workspace and we'll automatically set up an account for you. Once you sign up, you'll have a personal Setup Guide to walk through the steps to get started.

    1. Set a monthly allowance

    Set the monthly allowance of recognition points your employees have to give away to their colleagues. The allowance of points gets refreshed every first day of the month, with any unused points expiring. This helps you limit a monthly budget for each employee.

    2. Select a channel for posting Recognition

    Create a new channel within your Slack workspace, for posting recognitions. This channel will be where all recognitions posted by your employees appear and RewardNation will not post to any other channels. This helps you keep your Slack channels clean and managed. Only Public Slack channels are shown, so that your employees won't miss any recognitions.

    3. Announce RewardNation to your team and launch!

    You're ready to launch! We help most companies send a welcome message to all their employees to get them started. Or if you'd prefer to start with inviting a specific department or User Group in Slack, simply indicate their name, email or User Group.

    4. Add a payment method to redeem Rewards

    RewardNation comes pre-stocked with a catalog of rewards. All you need to do is add a payment method, and your team will be able to redeem these rewards with their accumulated points. They won't be able to redeem rewards unless this step is done!

  • Who do I pay for? 

    You only pay for the active users that you have invited into RewardNation at the time of payment. If the same user is a part of more than one team you only pay for them once.

  • How do point balances work?

    You will have two types of balances:

    1. Your monthly allowance

    These points can only be given away to your peers and are automatically refreshed at the start of the month. At the end of the month, any points you haven't given out will expire. The amount of allowance per month is determined by your company's administrator.

    Example: You start January with 150 points to give out. Throughout January, you give out 100 of those points. On February 1, you start fresh with 150 points (not 200). 

    2. Your earnings balance

    These are the points that you receive from your peers. You can redeem them for rewards from your company's Reward Catalog. Your spending balance never expires - you can save it up for a bigger reward.

    Example: You start January with 0 points from your peers. Throughout January, you receive 270 points from your peers. You spend 50 of those points on a gift card in January. At the beginning of February, you will have 220 points in your spending balance.

  • How much do rewards cost?

    You'll pay face value for rewards when your employees redeem from the Rewards Catalog: A $10 Amazon voucher redemption will cost you $10. You'll also get to enjoy discounted rewards (up to 30%) from some of our partners!

    All reward transactions are subjected to our payment processor's (Stripe) fees of 3.4% + S$0.5.

    Your monthly RewardNation subscription costs are billed separately from your team's reward redemptions. Hence you don't have to pay large upfront costs to get started with RewardNation, and you'll never pay for any unused monthly point allowance.

  • Can I customise my rewards?

    Custom Rewards for each company isn't possible right now, but this is on our roadmap of features to include.

    We are also constantly working to expand our Rewards Catalog! When new additions have been added, you'll be notified through a monthly update or by logging in to your account.

  • Do I need to approve RewardNation Recognitions?

    No. Having to approve recognitions is both cumbersome for managers, and disempowering for employees. Learn to trust your employees with peer-to-peer recognition, as all recognitions are public and viewable by anyone in the organisation. 

    Do note that administrators can delete posts that do not comply with company values or culture at any time.

  • Can I give a private recognition?

    No, all recognitions are transparent within the company and cannot be anonymous. This is because:

    1. Anonymous recognition allows a user to game the system. Public recognition, with known givers, are much less prone to collusion and other shadiness (since they're viewable for everyone). With this transparency, it requires more effort to 'game the system' than it does to give genuine recognition.
    2. The psychological benefit of a non anonymous recognition is much greater as it means the giver was moved enough to attach their name to publicly praise the recipient.
    3. Public recognition help foster a culture of praise in the workplace by incentivising it. 
    4. Public recognition provides other employees with examples of great work to learn from.
  • Giving a recognition through Slack 

    First, you'll need your administrator to add the RewardNation Slack app to Slack for your team. Once the integration is installed, you can use the RewardNation Slack app.

    To give recognition in Slack, click on the RewardNation app, which will bring you to the app's Homescreen. This is where you can give Recognition and get Rewards with the click of a button! 

    Next, click on Give Recognition:

    Complete each field with your Recognition information:

    Pro tip: Search for people using their @mention handle within Slack in order to give Recognition.

    When you're ready to send the Recognition, select the Submit button, and that’s it! The Recognition will now post into your selected Slack channel and everyone gets to see a job well done. ?

    Still need help giving a Recognition through Slack? Just send us an email at support@rewardnation.co and we'll help you out!

  • What if I want to cancel?

    We will work with you to make sure the program helps you build a stronger team. If you do decide to cancel, simply email us at support@rewardnation.co at any time.

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