How companies avoid these 2 OKRs loopholes to hit big goals

What are OKRs?

OKRs, or “objectives and key results,” are a goal setting methodology that can help teams set measurable goals. While most companies set goals, only 16% of knowledge workers say their company is effective at setting and communicating company goals.

The loopholes in setting OKRs

1) They are set in the board room and not communicated well to all employees

You might think the goals are clear to everyone just because you presented some slides at the company meeting. But true communication needs to be constantly reinforced, reminded, and exhibited.

2) They are only reviewed quarterly

It's human nature to have lower sense of urgency and motivation for long term goals. Your employees should make it a daily effort to work towards hitting their quarterly OKRs. Yet when goals seem so far away, it's difficult to feel motivated to work hard for them day after day.

Here's how companies have avoided these mistakes when executing their OKRs strategy:

Provide consistent motivation throughout the quarter

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." - Aristotle

Remarkable goals are achieved when hard work is put in consistently. Recognising each small contribution to the big goal is what keeps employees motivated to continue striving towards them.

On RewardNation, managers can easily send a message to recognise their employee's achievements towards their OKRs:

Recognition messages take less than 1 minute to send, but results in limitless impact towards employee motivation.

Results from companies after implementing RewardNation:


Higher company-wide OKRs achieved


Less burnout felt by employees during the quarter


Higher revenue growth than projected

Publicly communicate, celebrate, collaborate on goals

What gets recognised gets reinforced, and what gets reinforced gets repeated

These recognition messages are published on the company-wide feed, making it much more impactful and increases visibility.

Not only does the employee get recognised by their managers - their peers can also add on to the message, to show their appreciation.

Other team members can see the good work that's being recognised, and feel motivated to perform the same positive behaviours. This increases team morale and collaboration, which is key to achieving OKRs.

Rewarding achievements beyond just words

Praise is free. Praise + Rewards is priceless.

Employees can turn their recognition into micro rewards, keeping them constantly motivated. Choose from unique Company Rewards or over 1,000 gift cards worldwide: